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        Sino-Russian Titanium Industry Enters International Exchange and Cooperation Platform

        The reporter interviewed China with the 2018 Sino-Russian Titanium Industry Summit Forum, the 3rd Sino-foreign Titanium Market Development and Product Application Seminar, and the 11th China (Beijing) International Titanium Industry Exhibition. Secretary General of the Titanium, Zirconium and Minor Branch of the Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Jia Wei, and General Secretary of the Department of Health, Fu Fusheng.

        Jia Wei introduced that the 2018 Sino-Russian Titanium Industry Summit Forum was China and Russia as early as 2014. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation began to communicate and build a communication platform. Russia is a strong country in the world of titanium industry, and has complete titanium industry technology in aerospace, aviation, navigation, petrochemical and other aspects. With the all-round development of China's titanium industry, China has become a major producer of titanium industry and a major consumer of titanium, but it is not a strong country of titanium industry. Only by technological advancement can the scientific development of the titanium industry be able to gradually move toward a strong country. She said that Russia, a major Titanium industrial powerhouse, and China, a major Titanium industrial country, have been exploring a win-win communication model and an international development platform.

        From 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade have gradually deepened communication, and the willingness of cooperation and exchange between the two sides has become consistent in the context of the overall environment. According to the joint research of the Raw Materials Working Group of the Industrial Cooperation Sub-Committee of the China-Russia Prime Minister's Committee, the research and development of titanium alloys and technical cooperation will be held, and the international exchange meeting on titanium alloy application will be held regularly to jointly study the spirit of the new application field of titanium metal. China and Russia decided to jointly hold the China-Russia Titanium Industry Forum. Co-sponsored by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Titanium Zirconium Branch and the Russian Titanium Industry Organization.

        Jia Wei said that (the first) Sino-Russian Titanium Industry Summit Forum + Seminar + Exhibition has far-reaching significance, it will further develop the complementary advantages of Sino-Russian titanium industry development, and promote aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, marine, medical, chemical and civil The extensive cooperation in technology and applications in the fields of life brings opportunities, and in the field of expanding international exchanges, it may open a window for the titanium companies to add vitality.

        Qi Fusheng told reporters that the Sino-Russian Titanium Industry Summit Forum coincided with the third Sino-foreign Titanium Market Development and Product Application Seminar and the 11th China (Beijing) International Titanium Industry Exhibition, which complemented each other and added icing on the cake. The actual trend of cooperation in the international titanium industry exchange. He said that the Russian Titanium Power and China's Titanium Powers and the cooperation between the two countries will inevitably attract the attention of the relevant Titanium industry countries. Therefore, the Titanium R&D and Technology Cooperation Summit Forum, which was proposed by the Chinese and Russian Prime Ministers after more than four years of elaboration, will be a country and a country. The high-standard cooperation between the countries is worthy of attention, learning, communication and display by the domestic titanium industry.

        September, Jinqiu, Beijing. Sino-Russian Titanium Industry Summit Forum + Seminar + Exhibition will expand the horizon of China's titanium industry development with potential international titanium industry development cooperation and exchange platform trends, explore the space for China's titanium enterprise technology upgrade, and showcase China's titanium industry from small to small The great course is to accelerate the pace of China's titanium industry from large to strong.

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